The Journey with no regrets

You will have to imagine the whole thing now.

A metaphor.

Sailing peacefully with the waves, floating with all others and a mermaid when seen can be a ticket to your journey.

You look at her, she looks at you and makes you feel you are not alone when you are actually not.

She asks you to come with her deep down the vast ocean listening to the ever lasting beauty of the deep and promising to never let you go. This sounds tempting but against human sayings you should take this tempting thing if you are serious about the journey.

The journey starts

Bonds strengthen and it makes you feel so good you don’t even care how far you have reached and trust becomes so strongly tied between the both that it seems it can never be broken.


As soon as you are near to the dead bottom you realise you are alone, stranded in the dark silence. The unbreakable knots broken into pieces, the mystery of how, that everyone questions. Blames yourself for faults in knots even when there wasn’t any.

Drops of tears in between water makes no difference. You run short of breath before realising what happened and try had to swim upto the surface. Too deep makes it too high to reach but you try hard. This journey that everyone fears seems everlasting but in reality the ocean cant be infinitely deep. This limit gives you hopes. The journey back down saw no attention to other things except her but the journey back up saw all the things that you missed in life above the surface.

You try hard really hard, for some if takes weeks but others take months. You start inhaling your own air giving yourself more room for getting out. Those moments well spent going down look back at you every time you look down to see how high you were.

You feel the sunshine now and the light comforts you. Light so bright that it blinds those old tapes.

Now you are free, you cork up to the surface and that moment gives you immense pleasure more than her. That feeling makes you feel so supreme that you take over the sail of your life confidently. That air gives you so much power that you can overcome any obstruction in the future. Most importantly it makes you care about things you never did, those minute things that build up your life.

Journey ends but it doesn’t for maturity

You treat her the same way you used to and who knows what made her untie the knots. Having hopes of getting back down doesn’t make you not over it but regretting does.

Journey ends for some but not yet

If you get a chance to dive in back with other, you should because you will be more aware of the things around you, more experienced at estimating depths and more breath inhaled but if the same wants to take you back, its better than ever. Wait for it, you never know if she does.

Journey ends for all.