My Theory Of GOD

God isn’t a bearded man or an other human like creature in the sky pointing out things. The force that most of the people believe as god is just nature. People couldn’t believe nature to have such enormous power so they created an imaginary person called god on whom they could depend and have faith on.

For example…….The so called LORD SHIVA(in India)whom we pray and have built temples for him in order to worship is actually just a creative mind’s creation. Nowadays, showing our faith and devotion is becoming more important than believing in god. God divides people rather than to bring them together. And the only advantage that I found in believing god is that it provokes a person to think twice before doing a wrong thing.

I am an atheist. I believe in the eternal power of nature. This has not at all affected my daily life. Although some people tend to oppose my views when I try to make them understand.

Our brain is the most destructive weapon on earth. It can create or destroy anything from nuclear missiles to the most stupidest beliefs like bad luck on being crossed by a black cat(i mean come on people! its just an animal). So…here comes the point…..OUR BRAIN WOULDN’T BE A BRAIN….IF WE DIDN’T HAVE BRAINS (my creation). Similarly, God wouldn’t be god if we didn’t have brains like these. Try to undersatnd the beauty of this creation….i am pretty damn sure every single person can create or can mould out a unique face or structure to the GOD if asked to do so.